• For individuals who are completely new to Aerial Yoga, and have always been intrigued but hesitant to give it a try, whether due to fear or any other reason.

  • For Yoga Practitioners & Instructors who desire to elevate their Mat Practice.

  • For those who dream & aspire to be an Aerial Yoga Teacher to empower others to spread their wings & fly.

  • For Aerialists & Aerial Yoga Instructors who desire to deepen their understanding & self-practice with the Aerial Hammock.

  • For those seeking to embrace new experiences, venture beyond their comfort zone, deepen self-discovery, and forge meaningful connections with other incredible individuals — and, most importantly, with oneself, the most profound connection of all.

About Grace Hana Park

Hi~ I’m Grace ! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs with two older brothers to Korean immigrant parents.

Since starting my Aerial Yoga journey in April 2014, I’ve immersed myself in this transformative practice. Using my own developed techniques, I’ve successfully guided thousands of first-time students into fundamental inversion poses. I’ve shared my passion in Seoul (2016-2018), San Diego (2018-2019), and now in Austin. I founded Fly With Grace Yoga Studio in 2022 to bring the magic of flying through the art of flying, not only to the Greater Austin Community, but to the amazing online global aerial community as well. 

As a dedicated learner and practitioner, I continually deepen my understanding of Aerial Yoga. My passion goes beyond personal practice and teaching students in class — I’m committed to sharing the intricacies of becoming a successful Aerial Yoga Instructor. I am dedicated to making this transformative practice accessible and fostering a comprehensive understanding among all who join me!

Training Investment

Total Price: $2200 (Early bird $1850 before 6/30)
Installment Plans Available
2024 Upcoming Dates:
August 17-18 (12:30pm-8:30pm)
August 24-25 (12:30pm-8:30pm)
August 31 (12:30-8:30pm)


Sample Training Schedule

Day 1: 

12:30pm-3pm: Introduction 

3pm-4pm: Asana practice lead by Grace

4pm-5pm: Break

5pm-8pm: Manual / Posture Clinic

Day 3:

12:30pm-3pm: Manual / Posture Clinic

4pm-5pm: Break

5pm-6pm: Lecture Session 

6pm-8pm: Class Formation


  • AYTT: Level 1 is for everybody. However it is worth noting that individuals with prior experience in Aerial Yoga or holding certifications, such as Yoga Instructor Certification, Pilates Certification, Personal Training Certification, Physical Therapist Certification, or similar credentials from accredited institutes within the health, wellness, and fitness industry, may find it more accessible to seamlessly integrate Aerial Yoga into their fitness routines.

  • Conversely, individuals with no previous experience or certifications within the health, wellness, and fitness industry may encounter a greater challenge when introducing Aerial Yoga.

  • Exclusively lead by Grace, globally recognized in the aerial world, for flying with grace and sharing the magic of flying through the art of flying with others everywhere she goes. 

  • Learn the FWGYS 60 Min Level 1 Sequence 

  • Learn Grace’s technique for flying with grace, & the guaranteed methods to help first timers execute the fundamental inversion poses safely & successfully.

That is totally okay and encouraged as well! The only difference will be that you do not have to take the Evaluation Test, which is separate from the Written Test.

Some people sign up to just deepen their own practice. However, if you’d like to become an Aerial Yoga Teacher, there is a separate $50 evaluation fee that must be passed. 

  • Although verbal instruction is a priority with clear, concise, & specific cues as a foundation of being a teacher, it is important that FWGYS instructors are able to physically demonstrate the various Aerial Yoga asanas commonly practiced.

  • Although there is the option for multiple attempts to take the evaluation test, it is important to note that a fee of $50 is required for each test attempt to facilitate the evaluation process. 

  • The evaluation test must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the last day of the training in order to receive the Certificate to Teach on the final day. Otherwise, it must be scheduled within 14 days of the last day of the training. 

  • At this time, there isn’t a recognized governing authority for Aerial Yoga or Aerial Arts comparable to Yoga Alliance for Yoga. Nevertheless, it’s important to highlight that obtaining certification to teach Aerial Yoga from FWGYS ensures global recognition, allowing certified individuals to teach at Aerial Yoga studios worldwide.

  • Although you may be certified to teach Aerial Yoga: Level 1, it is important to acknowledge that each Aerial Yoga Studio may have distinct requirements for teaching. Certain studios may necessitate an additional 200 RYT certification, while others might mandate additional Aerial Apprentice Hours. These hours serve as a continued training program, enabling instructors to refine their teaching skills, further develop their unique style, and cultivate the distinctive teaching voice that each individual brings to the practice.

It is the responsibility of the individual to get the notes & assignment in order to make up the work.

Yes. At least 4 students must sign up. 

Yes. We understand everyone in different financial situation. The install payment plans are available.

Withdraw 60 days before the training starts

  • $350 deposit is non-refundable

  • $100 admin fee will be charged

  • Other remain paid amount will be refund

Withdraw 30 days before the training starts

  • $350 deposit is non-refundable

  • $200 training process fee will be charged 

  • $100 admin fee will be charged

No refund will be issued after the training starts.

The certification will not be issued until the training is paid in full.

  • Yes. There is 10 hours of non contact work that must be completed. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Self-practice​​

    • Self-reflection

    • Observation of 2 Aerial Yoga classes at Moonshine studios

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