Shelia Smith

My name is Sheila Smith.  I originally came here to the US from Malaysia as a foriegn student in 1991. I lived CA for 23 years before moving to Austin in 2019 to start a new chapter in my life after having my husband passed away 8 years ago.

I worked in the corporate world for 25 years! At that time my job was my passion. Now I am retired, my passion is reading books and listening to podcasts primarily on material that helps me to get deeper into understanding how to live a fulfilled life. I also enjoy connecting with friends and making new friendships.

In June 2021, I got on the scale and to my shock I weighed my heaviest at 185 pounds. I realized that if I didn’t make my health a priority, I was going to create DISEASE in my body one day. With fear in my heart but a desire to be in my best health, I decided I wanted to really focus on my health and wellness journey.

I’ve been at Moonshine Yoga since the studio open. I have lost a total of 39 pounds since last year. I no longer believe being a full blown menopause woman that losing weight at my age (51 years) is impossible. Yoga has shown me that if I am consistent and willing to put in the time and effort, I can achieve my health goals.

Our health is our wealth. Make your health well-being a priority! Yoga is an excellent avenue to invest your time and money into creating the health you desire to pursue the things you want in your life. Being at Moonshine Yoga feels so much fun and light hearted for me. No one is ever made to feel like a strange at this studio.  THANK YOU MOONSHINE YOGA!!!!!!!

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