Ike Fontain

I am currently working towards becoming a customer service trainer for pharmaceutics. Outside of work I love to spend time with my partner & friends by playing board games and serving coffee & tea. I went to school to be a painter, and have always loved to draw.

My doctors have noticed that my bones have weakened, so I’m doing what I can to stay more active. That being said, I have always respected the art of Yoga, and knew one day I would find a way to implement this in my day-to-day.

I have been practicing Yoga for nearly three months and have noticed significant change with my body & mind. My joints feel much better, my mind is much more clear (I’m not daydreaming as much!) And I can finally touch my toes again!

Live life with an open heart! It’s tricky after the pandemic to share our true selves since we had to live for an extended period of time in insolation. Just like Yoga, opening up one’s self get’s easier as we practice. Thankfully, places like Moonshine has helped me make hurdles with that goal! Looking forward to seeing you guys class!

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