Christie Babyak

My name is Christie, and I am a School Counselor as well as an LPC-A. Counseling is such a passion of mine. I started yoga four months ago as part of my life-long spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. I have been in recovery from addiction for some time now and added yoga to my daily routine as a balancing force pertinent to my overall health. 

I have noticed a significant change both mentally and physically. I am a larger woman physically and had trouble doing even the most basic of postures in the beginning. Now, I have evolved with my practice and am able to do the splits, dolphin pose, and warrior three! I have also noticed a shift mentally. Yoga really sets my day in motion and gets my mind centered. I feel a heightened sense of calm day-to-day. The instructors at Moonshine have given me so many opportunities for growth through their knowledge, expertise, and vulnerability. I am excited to continue growing here.

I want the community to know that yoga is for everyone. Initially, I was scared of judgement because I am bigger than most in the studio and felt that I would be embarrassed if I could not do what everyone else was doing. However, I found acceptance from those around me at Moonshine. It is a community. I learned that yoga is, as Smile says, about the personal journey, not the pose. Further, I am able to do way more than I thought I would by simply continuing to show up for myself. Life is a journey-show up for yourself! 🙂

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